Best Architecture And spritual place in Delhi

Akshardham temple.
This Epic Piece of Architecture is situated in East Delhi only one hour drive from New Delhi, India Airport and Opens for all the days expect Monday.

What all Akshardham Temple is all about?

This Temple in new Delhi, represents 10,000 years of Indian culture, experience here an enlightening journey along with glorious art, harmony of mankind etc.

What is Special Here !

1 – Musical Fountains .

Also known as circle of Life, it represents the cycle of birth, life and death as elaborated in indian culture.

2 – Garden of India .

Six acres of Lush lawns, Garden totally refreshing and full of spirituality.

3 – Lotus Garden

A lotus-shaped garden spreading Positive vibes as expressed and written in Holy books scientists and leaders throughout the History.

What I liked the most.

Totally there are three halls out there to experience the best part of this spiritual visit.

1 – Hall of values (short film 50 minutes)

2 – Hall 2 Giant Screen film (40 minutes)

3 – Cultural Boat ride in which you can sail and experience through 10,000 years of India’s glorious heritage,

Few pictures I shot Near akshardham Temple.

Biking at its best.


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